Is a government shutdown on the horizon...again?

Is a government shutdown on the horizon...again?

Tales from the crypt

It seems like we just went through this: Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, specifically Speaker John Boehner, is threatening to shut down the government by refusing to raise the debt ceiling once again. 


Last time this happened, the USA lost its AAA credit rating when bond rating agencies were concerned about the country’s ability to work together toward sound fiscal policy.  With damaged character, the stock market dropped and so did the approval rating of Congress.  So, will the leadership of the House learn from that?  It seems not. 

Yet again, Speaker John Boehner is refusing to raise the debt ceiling, even though the founder of modern-day conservatism, Ronal Regan, advocated raising the debt ceiling when needed.  Instead, Speaker Boehner has proposed three different budgets for next year.  Three budgets – when none are required.   

These budget proposals actually go against the prior agreement on spending caps between Congress and the President.  By taking this action to attempt to reauthor the budget and  go back on approved spending caps shows that the Republican leadership is willing to go back on their word and are manufacturing another fiscal crisis. 

Why would they do that?  Quite simply, it puts the President in a defensive position while trying to defend the move places President Obama and the White House in an awkward position of defending the existing state of affairs of Washington. 

Furthermore, the Speaker's request that the federal government make greater spending cuts to offset any increase creates a climate that may favor the Republicans.  Argh…once again, it’s politics that take center stage, not what is best for our country.