GOP-Tea Party Thug Wants Apology From Victim!

GOP-Tea Party Thug Wants Apology From Victim!

Tea Party-GOP candidate Rand Paul, the dude who is running for the U.S. Senate seat from Kentucky, the dude who, in his college days, bounded and tied a college coed and forced her to worship a heathen god, his foot stomper wants an apology from the woman who's head the foot stomper stomped. Yes, Tea Party goon, and head stomper Tim Profitt, whose white sneaker stomped on the head of Lauren Valle, a person, in the crowd outside the site of Monday 's debate, between Mr. Paul and his Democratic opponent Jack Conway, wants Ms. Valle, who had to go to the hospital, suffering from a concussion, to apologize to him. What nonsense!

Mr. Profitt is a criminal. He is a bully. He stomped a woman's head, after one of his associates, threw her to the ground, and while the other thug held her down.

Tim Profitt, this Rand Paul supporter, this bully, when caught (He was caught on camera stomping on Ms. Valle's head), -- like all bullies, he tries to blame the victim for his violence, for his violation.

The Rand Paul Stomper, like Rand Paul, who has not apologized to the publicly unnamed woman, whom he forced to pray to a heathen god, and who told the Washington Post, that she is afraid to come forward to reveal her face to the public for fear that violence may be done to her by Mr Paul's Tea Party supporters --

Yes, like Mr. Paul, this gentleman, Mr. Profitt, wants to shift the blame for his foul act, rather than to take responsibility for it.

Mr. Profitt is a bully and a coward. The woman was already on the pavement, when he rushed in to stomp her head. The question that needs to be asked is: Why hasn't this gentleman been locked up?