Google Was Co-founded by a Russian Immigrant, Imagine life If We Had Deported Him

Google Was Co-founded by a Russian Immigrant, Imagine life If We Had Deported Him


When we think of immigration laws our thoughts usually turn political as we consider the economic ramifications of too many workers. We may also consider the underlying ethics of human treatment. The thing we often fail to see is the business view of immigration.


Immigrants have given us a technological edge, many of our fortune 500 companies have been created by immigrants from all over the globe. In fact, Google was originally created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Sergey was born in Russia and had immigrated with his family to America when he was 6 years old.

He became an American after he had arrived and went onto attend Stanford University where he met co-founder Larry Page. The two gave us Google, which provides search engine capabilities that a large percentage of people prefer over the old standby internet explorer. Google also provides ad campaigns that have helped many companies succeed in an internet based world.

Google employs over 31,000 people, this keeps those people employed and working adding a positive impact to US economics. Beyond that, each company that has success through the use of Google also employs workers in various fields. These employs add to the US economic impacts as well.

Without this one Russian born immigrant, our internet use may be seriously altered. What we should ask ourselves, is how many other immigrants have develop companies that have put Americans to work? Then just maybe people will stop worrying about the jobs that immigrants have stolen and be thankful for the jobs that immigrants have created.