Goodbye Sarah

Goodbye Sarah

Sarah Palin has a 40% approval rating.

That’s not going to win the presidency, possibly not even the nomination- though it may win her a reality show or a radio program. Point being, Sarah Palin is going to leave the Governor’s office without a clear trajectory for the future. After being the Vice Presidential candidate and

There are ethics probes, legal bills and kind of less people loving her now than have been loving her in the recent past- but she does have over 500,000 Facebook Fan page Supporters…

After her surprise announcement on July 3 that she would resign, the country has had an undercurrent of debate both about why she is resigning and what she will do next.

20+ ethics complaints against her- will she be indicted? Are there charges just waiting for her?
Or, is she starting an early bid for the 2012 presidency? Is she going to write a book and start a book/ campaign tour next year to gauge the public support for her in the next election?

Or is it her ridiculous claim that she doesn’t want to be seen as a lame duck governor with no power to make anything happen, just waiting to leave office. I mean, why run for office if you are just going to leave once the glamour wears off?

But, I am inclined to think that the ethics charges have a good deal to do with her resignation. And not because they are dismissably frivolous, as she continues to call them.

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell will take over this weekend at an annual picnic hosted by the governor in Fairbanks. Palin will make her farewell speech and Parnell will take the oath of office. I can only assume Palin’s farewell speech will be as chock full of her lame jokes and hokey All-American claims.

Michael Josephson, a former law professor in California who advises Alaskan lawmakers on ethics issues says that Palin could very well be resigning due to legal issues, or it could be as basic as wanting to spend more time with her family.

"The problem is she hasn't been as coherent or clear as I would have liked her to be," Josephson said.
So there’s that 40% approval rating- well, the same Washington Post-ABC pll gives her a 53% unfavorable rating.

That will mean a tough path walked largely out of the obligatory spotlight- meaning, after this weekend there is no obligation by any news network or reporter to pay any attention to anything that she has to say anytime anywhere.

She will become one of the unemployed masses. Plenty of time for that book deal she signed that will see her autobiography come out in the Spring and plenty of time to pursue the interest in her as a talk-show host.

Unfortunately for her the $500,000 she raised to fight those ethics complaints is in violation itself because she is using her state job for personal financial benefit, at least according to a state-hired independent investigator.

Whatever the outcome for her future in or out of politics, the ungovernable Governor is certain to remain in the hearts and minds of America for at least another year or two.