Going So Badly, Don't Know Who The Enemy Is

Going So Badly, Don't Know Who The Enemy Is

Does Anybody Knows What's Going On?

Item from PBS News Hour -- "The man representing the Taliban side in the middle east peace talks is said to be a phony by an unnamed insider. The impostor claimed to be high-ranking Taliban member Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Masour and met with Afghan and NATO officials three times." See the video.

So our side -- our side includes the CIA, the U. S. military -- met with a middle eastern faker, whom said he was a big shot Taliban leader. It is reported, though it has been denied by that example of Afghan "honesty" (lol), President Hamid Karzai, himself, that the man met Karzai. It has also been reported that the U.S Government. paid this faker a ton of our hard earned American tax dollars to play nice. The faker convinced our team that he was one of the Taliban's most senior commanders. It took our side three meetings -- three meetings! -- to learn the truth.

I digress. Were these meetings in any way like the three hour tour that Gilligan of Gilligan's Island and the Skipper went on, and got lost? Probably, definitely not. But I wonder if Gilligan would have gotten fooled by that faker like our team in Afghanistan did?

Anyway, -- Who knows how many large undisclosed sums were given to this faker, before he was exposed? Our side knows how much was blown on this faker, but so far no one in officialdom will tell.

This incident is not only an embarrassment, it is revealing. It makes our side look Daffy Duck dumb, Silly Goose stupid, Barney Fife foolish, not very smart. Somebody -- the somebody in charge of running the Afghan war doesn't have the intelligence that he needs.

Simply put: Does anybody know what the top Taliban guys look like?

Incidents like this are what happens, when we get ourselves involved, deeply, in an insane war -- stroked by a guy who thought he was a comic book hero, doing dress ups and stunts, like landing a jet plane on a ship's flight deck. Insanity happens.

There is no excuse for this incident with the Taliban faker. I can picture our general, I won't mention his name, explain this to his boss, the commander-in-chief, we know his name too. The CIC asks, "What happened, general?" The general shrugs his shoulders and says, "Boss, all these damn Afghans look a like to me."