Global warming's responsible for the bad weather?

Global warming's responsible for the bad weather?

This past weekend another brutal winter storm hit the East Coast and violent weather has been like a Biblical level curse upon the land. From Florida to Maine, heavy rains, flooding, and in some places, blizzards. Tornadoes in Louisiana! Why? Why has the weather been so bad this winter?

This country is overloaded with conservatives and libertarians, who deny that global warming is occurring, and further more, deny that humans are responsible for it. They are motivated by politics and philosophy, and by political donors, whom are among the world's biggest polluters. These deniers shut their eyes and ears to science.

Last month, the Tea Party-GOP controlled House voted 249-177 to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases, though "countless scientists have proven (green house gasses) to be a leading cause of global warming."

Last month, scientists from Oxford University published a study in the journal, Nature, that explains the link between climate change and a specific extreme weather .

Last week, the Union of Concerned Scientists. a panel of scientists (climatologists), in Washington, stated that excess moisture absorbed into the atmosphere, when ocean water evaporates in warmer weather, causes more intense storms.

The sort of weather America experienced this past weekend and have been experiencing all winter, the scientists say is "a predictable result of global warming".

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