A girl can dream, can't she?

A girl can dream, can't she?

Wednesday, October 8th


Dear Diary,

Am beginning to keep a diary, as therapist says having a place to record my inner turmoil is only way I’ll be able to get through election without turning back to prescription medication. She doesn’t know what’s in my glass of “ice water”—Ha! That’s how I sleep at night.

Second debate was tonight. Really must get Joe Biden’s number for John so they can confer about hairplugs. John may be bedridden for weeks, TOLD him he should have brought his walker in since he didn’t have a podium to lean on–like FDR–but he insisted it would make him seem elderly in comparison to youthful, svelte, graceful Obama. HA. As if there was a chance he WOULDN’T. Oh, that Barack Obama. Every time he opened his mouth tonight–spewing that radical-leftist terrorist-loving baby-hating nonsense–I would gaze deeply into his brown eyes…

Dear me! Got a bit carried away there. Must be the Grey Goose. Anyway, there is ONE Republican who was a clear winner tonight. That Michelle Obama thinks she is so Jackie Kennedy but look who comes out on top with the fashion police! Michelle doesn’t know how lucky she is, really, having a husband who doesn’t yet qualify for social security (not that we need it). Oh, to have a strong, YOUNG man…

Mrs. Cindy Obama

Mrs. Cindy Lou Obama

Mrs. Cindy Hensley Obama

Oh, darn it all, should have thought to chuck John for an underwear model before an election year! Sigh



PS. Just kidding! Love my husband. Really.