Get on Board the Greenpeace Ship!

Get on Board the Greenpeace Ship!

On my list of things to do before I die, I have “Work on a Greenpeace ship.” I’m not so sure that’s ever going to happen, since I have a young child now. I’d also like to think that when she’s old enough to be on the ship herself, there won’t be a need for such activism anymore because the world will have already woken up.

One can dream!

Greenpeace has a new website, however, where you can at least pretend you’re on the ship with them, being an activist with regular assignments to take part in as often as you can. The Greenpeace Virtual Ship is a place where volunteers and activists can find the tools they need to bring the spirit and work of Greenpeace into their own communities (as well as get involved with communities across the globe) without needing to board a ship. Each week features a new toolkit with ways to start taking direct action for a greener planet immediately.

For example, in The Galley, this week Greenpeace is highlighting a “Less is More” toolkit. This is designed to help people assess their home energy use and needs, balancing them to create a greener impact on the environment while not sacrificing any personal comforts. Their simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint, from showering smartly to buying locally, are easy to implement into your lifestyle. They’re also in an accessible file suitable for downloading and sharing with friends.

In addition to the weekly toolkit, the Virtual Ship also lists other ways to get involved and be an activist for the environment. Right now, an action against Arctic drilling is featured on the homepage, along with a few other ways to get involved.

If media is your pleasure, you can visit the ship’s Radio Room for audio clips, video footage, and other pieces of media that will help you feel as if you’ve really boarded a ship with Greenpeace (well, almost). At the Bridge of the ship, you can locate information on various campaigns, look at maps, and really brief yourself as you would do if you were working in the field.

Nearly 8,000 crew members have already joined. I highly encourage anyone who wants to be an activist for the environment to check it out! When you do sign up, you even take a pledge to start an Energy [R]evolution by stopping our addiction to dirty fuels.