George Soros steps up support for Obama

George Soros steps up support for Obama

Soros donates to Super PACs

George Soros is famous for being the man who broke the back of the Bank of England. That was definitely a way of cementing his spot in the world of finance. He has also been a polarizing figure in South East Asia with many holding him responsible for the 1997 financial crisis. George Soros has donated $1 million to Priorities USA Action, which is a pro-Obama super PAC. Soros has been an advocate of the free market and many different things that I would champion for.

Soros has been a big time supporter of Obama and his policies. Soros was watching a lot of the ads by the super PACs in support of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney when he decided that it was time for him to get in the game.

Soros has normally been against super PACs and this is definitely a surprising move coming from him. Additionally, Soros will give $500,000 to a couple of super PACs that are behind Congressional Democrats. Soros has also stated that he will convince some of his mega rich friends to do the same. It has not been easy for George Soros to ask for money, but he has been somewhat successful. Donors at a luncheon he attended pledged to donate at least an extra $10 million.

The Republicans have been running away with the advertising through super PACs and the Democrats are now playing catch up and are getting big money flowing. But although they are six and seven figure checks, they are nothing compared to what is going in the Romney camp. The casino owner, Sheldon Adelson, has committed to donate as much as a $100 million in an attempt to defeat President Obama and Democrats in Congress.