The Game of "Gotcha"

The Game of "Gotcha"

Let's Play A New Game

     I think a very obvious problem is missed when talking about politics. It's not that they don't matter. I think we all know that elections and laws all have consequences. It's that when we talk about politics they are always skewered by our beliefs. Democrat or Republican. Conservative or progressive, or libertarian. These are beliefs and to me they are exactly what's wrong with politics. It creates an unnecessary argument that makes people take side. It takes and turns an important subject like politics and turns it into a game. It's time for the game to end.

     For the sake of this article I am going to mostly talk about Republicans and Democrats and maybe a little about the libertarians. All of these parties spend most of there time trying to convert us to there side. Or why the other side is wrong and why we shouldn't be listening. Yet hardly anytime is eve given to why should we be listening to your side. It's a very old trick I don't have to convince you that I'm right I just have to convince others that you're wrong. This is a very sad way for political discourse in our country to be behaving. It accomplishes nothing and gets us farther away from the subject. Take the recent oil crisis. There are a multitude of reasons why this is happening. Each party will stammer on about why the other party caused and never talk about solutions. When in fact both are sides are correct on some sides of the issue. We should probably drill more and we should also be cutting our reliance on foreign oil, and exploring other methods of transportation. I think everyone  on all sides can agree to that. Except we never get there. Both parties are too busy playing "gotcha".

     Now I am twenty-seven years old and I know this back and forth in politics has been going on for years. But these beginning of the "gotcha" era I feel started with the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Months and months and lots of money was spent to take out a president for in the end a minor problem. And at the same time Democrats wasted too much time defending the President on a boneheaded mistake. And at the same time if the President would have stepped up and just admitted he lied the whole thing would have been ended. Instead this incident seemed to galvanized the two parties and draw them further apart. So that for the next eight years of Bush. The democrats  spend the majority of there time pointing out everything that Bush did wrong. And don't get me wrong he made it easy for them. But that accomplish nothing. It's as if there parties exist just to defend politicians when they make a mistake. And since who can resist a good argument we all get sucked up into it. The only people that are punished are us.

     All this arguing going on so nothing ever has to be done. Remember these idiots work for us. They are supposed to be reading up on laws and finding ways to improve a bad economy and make sure our future is secured. Not worrying about how many seats they can pick up in the next election. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good argument as much as the next person. But I also recognize a lost cause when I see one. Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi are never going to agree. So why don't the two of them stop wooing the other person's voters and instead offer ideas. That's what's missing from politics today. Ideas good or bad. If we forced these politicians to actually offer ideas instead of positions then they would be come vulnerable. The public could make its' decisions based on what they feel is the best idea for the country. Great ideas will eventually rise to the top. But as the public we have to stopped getting sucked into the argument about the idea and weigh it on the idea's own merit.

     We all seem to agree politicians are lying opportunist out for their own good first. Yet we keep listening and defending them. It's like we would rather be a part of the game instead of be left out of it. So instead of us joining the fray and arguing about politics maybe we should focus on what we would like to see done to improve our country and make these politicians do what we want. That is there job after all they work for us. Not the other way around.