Fringe Christian Warriors Killing for God

Fringe Christian Warriors Killing for God

It’s definitely nothing new. More wars have been fought in the name of god than anything else in the world; one look at the horrible Crusades and you’d think we’d have learned something by now. Maybe someone should make a new Crusades movie a la Saving Private Ryan; then people might take it seriously.

But I’m not even sure if that would help a suspected arsonist in Oregon. A man I won’t even give a name to—you can read it here if you like; I don’t think he deserves the fame he believes he’s bringing his supposed cause—is only 24 years old, yet he claims he is a warrior for god, and that when he attempted to burn the Islamic Center in Corvallis, Oregon, he was waging a jihad. Apparently Christians can wage jihads too, cries the extremist.

The problem is that people are shocked by this statement. They should not be. From the terrorists attacking abortion clinics to the KKK members “peacefully” assembling (I really don’t understand how a hate group can truly peacefully assemble, do you?) to far right wing Tea Party members calling for the stripping of rights of everyone from women to gays to union workers—not to mention their assertion that black children were better off as slaves!—it should come to no surprise that right wing Christians—not all Christians, certainly, but these literal interpreters of the Bible who don’t believe in science or global warming but readily accept their mission to kill for god, persecute gays, and maybe even sell their own daughters to slavery for all we know—are in fact waging their own jihad against anyone who isn’t them. And while it’s not being called terrorism, it is every bit the word.

When are we going to acknowledge this fact—and when are we going to stop letting similarly minded people into the body of Congress that makes collective decisions for us? I don’t know about you, but I am extremely uncomfortable with people who pretty much hate women and gays and anyone who isn’t white making decisions that affect us all. People have actually elected representatives who believe businesses should be able to discriminate based on ability/disability or race! The fact that these people vote scares me as well.

You don’t vote for someone you’d “have a beer with,” and you certainly don’t bloody vote for someone who wants to turn your country into a racial bloodbath, eliminating science and diversity and anything remotely non-white and non-Christian. No, it is not a Christian nation. Your jihads, in whatever form, are not welcome here. I know a lot of us are sick to our stomachs with all of the wars being waged on women to the hatred of the gay community, Muslim community, and so many other Americans, and many of us are even living in fear. We should not have to do this. We should be able to take a stand and defend our country from bigots and extremists, no matter what religion they claim as a defense.