Friends of the Obamas

Friends of the Obamas

Saturday, December 13th

Dear Diary,

After reading the New York Times article about our friends, Valerie Jarrett, Martin Nesbitt, and Dr. Eric Whitaker, I can’t help but think about how much they have done for Barack and me. Before I even came into the picture, they were a close-knit group of friends for Barack. And they were so warm and welcoming for me, that I instantly fell in love with his friends. We’ve gone on vacations together, barbeques, tennis lessons, and been through thick and thin together – births, deaths, and all that’s in between.

But these guys were forced into the spotlight when Barack began running for office, and more so when he ran for the presidency. I imagine the public scrutiny has been difficult, but they’ve all come through as true friends, standing by Barack and me every step of the way. We’ve all gotten together more over the holidays, since that long campaign is finally over. And we’re all especially looking forward to another vacation in Hawaii together.

But as the article discussed, it’s so sad that we have to plan out when we can see out friends. It’s sad that we have to stay in such isolation while Barack is in the White House. And even then, there’s so much Secret Service around, that we’ll never truly be alone. But we do feel fortunate to know that we’ll always have such wonderful people as friends. This is one of my sappier entries, but since the passing of Barack’s grandmother and Thanksgiving, I’ve begun to realize that we really have to celebrate and cherish all that we have.

Yours always,