Freedom of the Press - liars!

Freedom of the Press - liars!

The Fourth Estate is broken

It’s the day before the 2012 Presidential Elections. I am a political junkie so even though my wife and daughters ask me not to, I listen to every news channel I possibly can. I suspect there are many people—of both political persuasions—who do the same thing. Regardless, it’s maddening to listen to the different sides castigate their opposition and tout their own virtues. I realize my party is doing the same thing as the opposition. I also know that this is a necessary part of campaigning.

God knows, the incumbent has drawn a stark picture of the next four years just as though he traced it over onionskin paper from the reality of where the last four years was depicted. The incumbent also wants to give everyone except the income earners everything they want, whether legal citizens or illegal citizens. The stench of socialism is heavy in the air.

At the least, the challenger has experience in business. He has been a CEO, entrepreneur and has operated small and large businesses. He has vast experience in business, finance and administration. We need these attributes now more than ever in recent history.

The challenger is accused of adopting different positions depending on what state in which he is campaigning. Through my observations, I don’t see either candidate as more or less guilty then the other.

Obviously, this article is not an objective one; I definitely have a bias. I believe I deserve it more than President Obama deserves a pass on the Embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya and the lack of performance regarding the federal response to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

Newspapers and electronic media are hypocritical, dishonest to the point of participating in an unlawful conspiracy. They enjoy freedom of press because they are supposed to report the true facts of any event that occurs in government, business or private matters.

God knows they sure as hell were critical of George Bush. They are not critical at all of Barack Obama. They should be stripped of the blessing of freedom of press and see how long the liars can survive on a level playing field.