Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Women

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Women

FDR changed Women Rights Forever...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt accomplished many things throughout his political career. Many people who lived through his pregnancy may have even believed that he saved America through all of his accomplishments. As a result he is credited for greatness as a president. One aspect of FDR that’s often overlooked is his impact on women and women rights.

"Frances Perkins became the Secretary of Labor in 1933, making her the first woman ever appointed to the US Cabinet." She was known to have helped FDR improve labor practices, many of the labor practices that were forged during that time are still used today. She remained in office throughout FDR’s presidency.

Appointing the first woman to the US cabinet was a great move for FDR, however that wasn’t his greatest impact for women. It was during the FDR presidency that woman became the fiber of America.  According to American history "350,000 women served in the US military", either at home or overseas. At the very same time that women were dedicated themselves to the war movement, women at home were joining the work force.

When the war ended, women were pushed out of their jobs and sent back to the kitchen, however life for women would never return to what it had once been. The brief time that FDR gave American women to work in the same positions that their fellow men had worked previously had sparked a new passion inside of women across the nation. The battle of women rights had developed steam like never before, and gave way to our right to work today. If FDR didn’t have the foresight to fill American jobs with women there is a good chance that the women rights movement would have taken even longer, slowing the entire history of women.