France advances abortion-friendly law system

France advances abortion-friendly law system

Their level of commitment to securing women’s abortion rights puts the U.S. to shame

This week, the French government implemented a change in abortion and contraception laws that will improve conditions for women overall.  They have decided that all abortions shall be fully reimbursed and that contraception will be available and free to minors aged 15 to 18. 

Though this is only a small increase in what the laws in place already were, it really highlights the extreme contrast between France and the U.S., pointing out to me just how backwards we are here in the states.

The main difference is that French lawmakers are looking at the reality of the situation when it comes to women’s health, abortion safety and population control.  People in the U.S. are often drawn into the religious dogma of the debate and fail to see anything other than their own selfishness. 

If the laws don’t fall in line with their religious belief systems, then they attempt to undermine them.  Although we have provisions in our constitution to make sure that religion does not influence lawmaking, that sort of dogmatic political approach is still rampant.

How long will it take us to finally reach the level that France has gotten to?  When will we be able to make the distinction between what’s best for an individual and what’s best for the population as a whole?  By following the examples of other countries with more realistic views, we may just learn a thing or two. 

And hopefully, someday we can reach out and act as the example that others will follow on their way to securing women’s rights over their bodies and guaranteeing for their people a measure of safety and freedom when it comes to such things.