"Fox News Lies!" So what are you going to do about it?

"Fox News Lies!" So what are you going to do about it?

Everyone who has any interest in the news knows by now that Fox makes up stuff and calls it news, Fox race baits, exaggerates, puts out outright lies to hurt people, who the Fox bosses don't like.

The fat little boss at Fox News is Roger Alies, who is a GOP political operative. He directs the actors on the Fox News payroll, who play-act at being news people, to falsify stuff, to fabricate so-called facts, to dupe the viewers into voting Republican.

In the past Fox has demonized Mexicans, gays, American-Muslims, African-Americans, anybody to get the public so afraid that they would run to the Tea Party-GOP to protect them. And now, Fox has taken on the unions, and is demonizing public service workers. Not that Fox has stop demonizing Mexicans, gays, American-Muslims, African-Americans, Fox continues to bash the aforementioned. To advance the GOP agenda, Fox News has taken up the task to do its part to destroy the American workers labor unions.

Finally, Fox has taken on an opponent with the power to strike back and to crush Fox, rather Murdoch.

I wonder what organized labor is waiting for? Murdoch is a guy whose false propaganda is meant to destroy unions, destroy the only advocate for the American working and middle classes. Fox news serves a corporate agenda, which is to destroy unions, so that the cost of American labor can be cheapened.

Unions should boycott everything that Murdoch owns. An across the board boycott!

Boycott Fox television stations, television networks, boycott Fox Films and Music companies.

Murdoch, so that he can make a few more dollars, is helping the cause to destroy unions, and workers rights. Workers should seek to bring down Murdock's empire with a boycott. If the various Fox and News Corporation companies lose just half their audiences, think how much money that would cost Murdoch?