Four wasted years

Four wasted years

No more time to waste

The Tea Party has struck fear deeply into Liberal hearts. Instead of gathering in the streets in an unorganized gaggle—beating, raping and robbing each other—while waiting to see who will donate something to eat for dinner; they have been quietly working their rear off. Tea Party giants within the Republican Party have been maneuvering into positions of power and influence within the senate and house. Should the Republicans win the Presidency the balance of power in Congress will favor Conservatives.On the flip side, if President Obama prevails and Congress remains in its present deadlocked status, Tea Party members and devotees in Congress are sure to make Obama’s second term start and finish as a lame duck presidency.

While this may minimize the damage Obama might do, it will also have the effect of four years of doing nothing. With 25 million Americans out of work and a national debt approaching 16 trillion dollars—seven trillion of which was incurred by Obama—the nation is in a world of hurt. The situation overseas, including China, is even worse than our own and getting closer to imploding every day.

Looking at the situation objectively, you may conclude that the country would be better off with a President and a Congress comprised of only one party, regardless of which one it is.

The flaw in that reasoning is that the Democrats have had a Liberal President and control of Congress for the last four years and have been unable to present a budget, much less pass one. Remember, we as a nation, are 16 trillion dollars in debt. The heavy hitters around the world could topple at any time.

With a Republican President and Congress, something would get done. The Tea Party would guarantee this to happen. We certainly do not need or want another wasted four years of doing nothing.