Flint: Someone Save This City!

Flint: Someone Save This City!

Non-Water-Related Flint Issue Arising

Flint water issues are not even done after 8 months of waiting. Finally after all the time that passed, 6 state officials were just charged on Friday for the terrible water injustice that took place in the city.

Injustice, as it caused irreversible damage to many people in that area that drank the tainted water supply. In an attempt to save money, the water supply was switched over from a nearby An issue, that too, can have just as damaging effects on health. The water switch to the river caused severely high lead levels. Now, with that issue still in the forefront, a new one is arising that is just as dangerous.

The new issue is with trash Pickup. Trash was temporarily halted as leaders told residents not to put out trash...UHHHH, CHEA...righhht. What to do? Have trash smelling up houses that are laced with tainted lead-water? No thanks.

The city is looking to reach a full agreement on trash pick-up, but has only reached a temporary one. Tuesday, the heaps of rotting garbage can be picked up. That garbage that has been baking in the sun... rotting with maggot infestation i would imagine. At least (for now) that will subside Tuesday, but for how long?

The agreement is only good until the 12th of August. Along with it is the still ongoing lead-water issue too. The city will now forever be linked to government failure on both a state and local level. It will be forever enshrined as the poster-child of failure and trying to save a buck...and do so despite the human costs.

Just think of all that had to happen to push for charges at a state level in regards to KNOWN lead in the water... Eight months of wondering and waiting while lives were, LITERALLY, at stake. Now, add this latest garbage issue in the same area...same town...same city. GEESH, yet another issue with equal health concerns tied to it. Now how long will this take to repair this issue...while an 8-month old issue still is yet to be configured?