Fighting for Abortion without Going over the Line

Fighting for Abortion without Going over the Line

In the struggle for rights, it’s important to remember the freedoms of both sides


In the push and pull of the abortion rights struggle, each side tries to gain the upper hand.  Unfortunately, this sometimes means that people do things that are ultimately detrimental to any sort of true compromise being reached.  The anti-abortion front passes laws that attack women’s health and women’s rights in their effort to ban abortion completely.  And those on the side of choice are passing laws that impose upon the beliefs of others.  One of these is a law that requires companies to provide insurance that covers abortion pills and other controversial elements of health care.

In response, a Christian company by the name of Hobby Lobby has filed a lawsuit to oppose the federal decision.  Hobby Lobby is a rather extensive chain that has hundreds of locations and employs countless people.  They argue that they should not be required to obey this law because it infringes on their religious freedoms.

At what point should the opinions of those affected be considered?  Is it right to force everyone to support something that they don’t agree with?  Isn’t this, essentially, the same thing that the anti-abortion front is doing when they pass draconian laws that completely eliminate a woman’s ability to make a decision of their own?  Doesn’t this limit the entire population to one point of view and remove the concept of freedom from the subject completely?

While I do believe that insurance companies and the federal government should work together to make sure that all women have the freedom to choose abortion or not, I can not agree with the methods they are using to achieve these goals.  Companies should not be forced to participate in something that goes against their moral standing.  People make active decisions to work at one job or another and it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the employer to make sure that each person’s health care needs are met.  If this were the case, all people would have mandatory, top-of-the-line coverage from even the smallest of businesses.

A compromise of some sort must be reached somewhere, without infringing on freedoms.  Neither side should have the ability to completely ban or implement something that is so personal to people’s views of life.  The pro-choice movement should focus its energy on things like making sure Planned Parenthood weathers the storm it’s undergoing or removing laws that destroy abortion rights completely.  By trying to create a blanket law, we are doing the same thing our opponents are doing and, while it may be tempting to fight back so strongly, we must temper our struggle for freedom with some degree of wisdom.