The FBI Wants To read Our Email

The FBI Wants To read Our Email

The Obama Administration is trying to get pass a law that makes it okay for the FBI to virtually snoop on every body, to read anyone's email. and to check their Web surfing history, without having to get permission from a judge. I thought the FBI was doing this anyway. But no, maybe it is the National Security Agency, (NSA).

The Obama Administration is saying the government is seeking a "technical change," an adjustment, just a little updating of a key surveillance law, as you will, to make it clear that the feds have the right to surveil everybody.

Well, if the feds need to surveil someone and can not persuade a judge of the necessity to do so, then IMHO, the feds probably don't have a good enough of reason to surveil that person. And wait a second.

Didn't Mr. Obama say when he ran in 2008, that he would.move the feds away from acting like this is a police state and would protect civil liberties?

Well, again, if the feds can't convince a judge to allow them to snoop on a citizen, then the feds probably have no good reason to snoop on that citizen.