FBI Vs. Apple Battle Over?

FBI Vs. Apple Battle Over?

FBI gains access to terrorist phone

The Department of Justice has announced that the court case to gain access to the San Bernardino terrorist IPhone is now cancelled.

The terrorist whom, along with his female accomplice, killed 14 in California and wounded hundreds of others is the one who's IPhone was in question. The FBi wanted to gain access into it from Apple in order to gain Intel and perhaps prevent future violence.

Apple would not huge on the issue, which prompted the DOJ to take things to court. This would take place two weeks from now, but is not o issue any longer.

The FBI have now claimed to have been able to gain access to the phone via a third party. Whom that party is, will atleast now remain a mystery. 

For many months Apple and the FBI have gone back and forth over the issue.

Apple has claimed this back door would be a alipery slope moving forward and held firm in giving the FBI no access. This was both a security and privacy issue they could not simply let the government right into.

The FBI was more on the stance of it being a national security issue and that the information could save many lives.

We may not get to find out ,as the public, just what is found on the phone...or who took a better stance. The two sides may need to meet soon to still ensure everyone's safety though, as this news would suggest holes in Apple's security that could effect billions of people.

If a third party was able to hack Apple's system to gain access, another country, foe, or government could do the same. This leaves us very much compromised. Atleast the billions of IPhone users.

The FBI and DOJ must give Apple some info as to how they were able to gain access so Apple can resolve the issue to prevent future problems. 

It should be a very awkward meeting given the history of both, but one that should take place in the very near future. Despite this seeming to be the end of the Apple and IPhone debate, it looks more like the beginning.

Perhaps the beginning of a coalition that should include that third party that got into the phone. Together that party, the DOJ (FBI) and Apple could help keep computer ayems in general more protected from cyber attacks.