Family Circle Presidential Cookie Bake-Off

Family Circle Presidential Cookie Bake-Off

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have a cookie bake-off!

The summer is heating up and so is the Presidential Race, but I thought it would be fun to talk about something quite unusual and at the same time sprinkle in some of the more serious stuff that I hope to keep covering.

From the heading, you can see that the wives of the candidates are having a little battle over baking cookies. This is actually a traditional thing and keeping with the current times it has incorporated Facebook too!

It’s interesting when looking at the Facebook page, how the family environment of the candidates is being promoted. I guess this has become a prerequisite to succeeding in politics. The Family Circle Presidential Cookie Bake-Off is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush having the inaugural one.

There are a lot of politics involved in these cookie bake-offs between the wives as the winner tends to go and live in the White House except for the one time when Cindy McCain won back in 2008.

This cookie contest has also been used to promote the wives and their policies and ideas to the public. At the same time, it has been used to have a little fun, despite how important the upcoming election is. But the thing is that the cookie contest is a way to focus on different issues, as it relates to women and the political stance of the wives.

You can cast your vote every day from now until August 15th. The August issue of Family Circle will have the recipe and the winner will be announced in November along with the results of the Presidential election!