The end game for Muammar Gaddafi is near?

The end game for Muammar Gaddafi is near?

The body count is rising, scenes of refugees fleeing Libya are flooding the world TV and Internet screens, and perhaps more importantly, in the world of real politics, the price of oil is rising, affecting the world price of everything, including food.

This morning, as the killing in Libya goes on, as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces are pounding the opposition with air strikes, Col.. Gaddafi may be looking for a way out. CNN is reporting that Mr. Gaddafi has promised to scoot away like a bird, if everybody will agree to let him fly away free, and no one will chase after him and his family, after they have gone. The Libyan opposition, once cool to the idea of allowing Gaddafi a free pass, has warmed to the idea, reportedly, if he will stop the killing and leave at once.

Why is Gaddafi offering to go, if his enemies will let him go absolutely free? Because he is pressed and he knows that more pressure is coming.

This morning, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said that the United Kingdom is working towards a United Nation's resolution on a no-fly zone over Libya. See the video.

CNN is reporting that the usual defenders of oil, Britain, France, the United States, with the support of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and with the support of The Organization of the Islamic Conference, which consists of the 57 member states in the organization, want the U.N. to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.

It looks like Mr. Gaddafi doesn't have many friends left among the leaders of Muslim states. Well, he is mowing down Muslims with machine gun fire, isn't he?

If the UN acts, or NATO, the end game for Mr. Muammar Gaddafi is near.