Donald Trump is his own best anti-Trump ad

Donald Trump is his own best anti-Trump ad

Brilliant new ad simply repeats Trump's own words

Among his many other less desirable qualities, Donald Trump is a clear-cut misogynist. One need look no further than the words of Trump himself for ample evidence to this point. Which is exactly what a recent anti-Trump ad has done.

The ad collects Trump's public comments on women, ranging from Megyn Kelly to Princess Diana, and has them spoken by women. The effect is an uncomfortable experience, and recalls the "Actors Read Mean Tweets About Themselves" video series.

It's trite to say that someone is their own worst enemy, but in the case of Donald Trump, it's true. The ad was commissioned by the Our Principles PAC, an anti-Trump PAC that is aimed at encouraging people to vote for someone, anyone, other than Donald Trump.

The problem here is that Trump supporters are already aware of the hateful things Trump says about women, and they don't care. Will this ad persuade anyone to change their vote? Doubtful. But if it helps shore up the defenses against Trump, I'm all for it.