Don’t worry, Tina—WHEN I become president, I’ll gladly send you to Mars (you too, Colin)

Don’t worry, Tina—WHEN I become president, I’ll gladly send you to Mars (you too, Colin)

October 19th, 2008

1:43 PM

Dear Diary,

As not a debate night, was unable to force self to stay up late enough to see Governor Palin on Saturday Night Live. Luckily (or unluckily) Daughter Meghan said nearly every website on internets posted video, and was able to pull one up for me this morning.

Sarah strutting around Straight Talk Express like proud Alaskan peacock; is quite taken with popularity and meeting Marky Mark from the Funky Bunch. Don’t get me wrong, SHE did fine; probably her most articulate TV appearance to date. But what she didn’t pick up on is everyone around her on show still making fun of her. Definitely hasn’t learned lesson yet that not all press is good press, especially as most showbusiness controlled by Liberal Media Elite.

Am grateful at least she showed good judgment in refusal to perform choking-on-stereotypes Alaska rap, instead sung by about-to-pop Amy Poehler. Unfortunately am still having to talk her out of adopting it as new theme song (though heaven knows campaign running low on song choices). Also pleased by Governor’s limited screentime with Tina Fey, as Tina’s comments in press exceedingly hurtful. Guess what, Tina? If you’re that ready to leave earth if (when!) I'm elected, I’ll call up some NASA friends and make sure the rocket ship is ready.

Colin Powell announced endorsement of Barack this morning. Was expecting this, despite 25 years of close friendship, inherent camaraderie as men of the military, and fact General Powell is registered Republican and thus betraying his party. Am unconcerned. His support at this key moment would have jeopardized current underdog status. If I know one thing about the American People, I know they love the underdog.

Maverick, over and out.