Doing the Right Thing in Washington

Doing the Right Thing in Washington

The correlation between Conservative Christian values and voting for/ supporting the Republican Party makes sense from a social perspective, but it doesn’t logically extend to opposition to health care. Any Christian with Sunday School behind them knows that Jesus was all about taking care of the less fortunate. What kind of faith-based group is going to organize a real protest in the capitol of the U.S.A. against the taking care of those less fortunate?

Ok, I’m from the Midwest, I grew up there. I haven’t lived there in close to 15 years and I can say with certainty that my politics and social views are at odds with most of those I grew up with, but while I can imagine some grumbling at a church function or community gathering about the liberal views of Obama, I can’t imagine the church I grew up in mobilizing to protest health care for those who can’t afford it otherwise- it just doesn’t make sense.

When these protests happen, what is the end goal? Is there a solution offered as well? In addition to stopping the extended medical care, what will the Christian-based groups put in place instead?
Conservative protest are the product of flames fanned by conservative talk-show hosts and conservative activists. President of the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbyist group organizing a summit for what they call “values voters,” said that “The idea that the healthcare plan takes away choice and freedom, people see their liberties at risk."

The FRC assets that Obama’s health care plan will lead to government funding for abortion- a claim Obama himself addressed in his recent speech when he said that no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions. He also said there are no death panels, and that the federal health care option does not rule out any other options for citizens choosing health care.

So where’s the beef? Well, it’s really just politics. The arguments here have little to do with the actual religious beliefs of those involved in the protest or of those leading them- they do have a lot to do with the election campaigns that are coming up next year, though. And even those in 2012. Point being- this protest is not about an opposition to healthcare- it’s about supporting one party and going along with pundit and lobbyist led cries against Obama’s plans, pulling out the old anti-abortion and anti-gay rights cards and parading once more through the streets of self-righteousness. And why not? That’s what protests are all about.

FRC Action president Connie Mackey says that conservatives are looking to grow their chances in vulnerable states like Virginia and Ohio during the 2010 elections:  

"We have looked at the percentages by which people won or lost last time, we've looked at Obama's coat-tails, so we have a pretty good idea of the vulnerable seats." she said.  

The FRC Action protest gathering has become a "must attend" for Republican presidential nomination hopefuls.

"The audacity of hope has become the audacity of hypocrisy," Mike Huckabee, Baptist preacher and leading 2012 Republican ticket contender, told the crowd.
Oh, God.