Do You Care?

Do You Care?


Do You Care?

In a recent post in Politics Talk, I discussed the difference between Democrats and Republicans. A variety of polls and research explored different attitudes toward 5 moral issues. The bottom line was that Democrats are more concerned about not doing harm and being fair. Republicans are more concerned with respect for authority, loyalty to a group and adherence to a standard. These attitudes are statistical and may not apply to any particular Democrat or Republican.

If you consider yourself a Christian and you vote Republican, you might want to reconsider. The wave of hard core conservative office holders who swept into office in 2010 are not being very Christian. In a series of posts in the Democrat Talk site titled “What is Wrong with Republican Governors?” I lay out some of the very cruel and selfish actions of some of these governors. These actions are usually supported and aided, if not initiated, by Republican legislatures in those states.

These Republicans have been granting tax cuts, regulatory breaks and other benefits to wealthy individuals and powerful corporations. Then they complain loudly about budget deficits and say that state spending must be cut. And those cuts fall directly on the middle and lower classes in the form of reduced public services and increased taxes.

A great deal of harm is done to hardworking people who do not deserve this. And this is definitely not fair to give millions to the rich and cut education, health care, fire and police protection, pollution regulation, etc. to everyone else. On the other hand, these actions demand respect for the authority of the governor. But, if you are not a member of their “group” of the privileged, then you are out of luck.

Another thing these Republicans are doing is to consolidate power in the executive branch of the state government, wresting it away from the legislature that should be influenced by the constituents of the various districts.  This takes power away from the voter and seems to set the governor up as a self appointed “dictator” instead of an elected “governor”.

And finally, if you don’t live up to their standards of “proper” behavior, then you will be discriminated against. Actions against gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, atheism, protests, even people of color show what happens when you don’t live up to their standards.

These facts seem to reinforce the idea that Democrats and Republicans have different attitudes towards morality. So the question a Christian should ask themselves before they vote is, “Who would Jesus vote for?”