Dick Cheney fights on

Dick Cheney fights on

Mr. Cheney continues to serve

Dick Cheney has worked hard and fought harder throughout his life and career for his personal beliefs. Plagued with heart problems from middle age, Mr. Cheney has never slowed down or shirked his duty. Instead, he has always grabbed the ball and run with it.

There’s a reason why he has had a long successful run in business and government service. There’s a reason why he was drafted to run as Vice President and why he did what the administration believed was necessary in the wake of the worst attack on this country; an attack targeting civilians.Cheney hasn’t slowed down since leaving office and since then he has survived one major health issue after another. These issues included a heart bypass pump and later a heart transplant. Somehow, throughout all of this, he has remained frequently outspoken and energetically visible on the national stage in support of the nation.

Now, I read on liberal blog posts all over the Internet that Former Vice President Cheney is supporting Mitt Romney and actually is hosting fundraisers for the republican candidate. By God, so what?! He does support Romney, what’s wrong with that? Is there something wrong with George Clooney and Ricky Martin hosting fundraisers for President Obama?

Vice President Cheney could cure cancer and the Left would bitch about him, ignoring the common cold! It’s fine to have differences with each other and to discuss them openly but for the love of God, try not to be stupid when making your arguments.