Democratic Party Turns to Trump

Democratic Party Turns to Trump

Sanders and Clinton go after Trump, not eachother

The Democratic Town Hall last night talked about the usual issues that have fueled each candidate's fire. Overall though, the start of the townhall and throughout aimed crosshairs at the Republican front-runner Donald Trump. 

Question one of the townhall discussed Trump and recent rallies of his that have included violence.

On the topic, Senator Sanders called Trump a pathological liar. He outlined how Trump said hen would pay the legal fees of a Trump supporter who punched a black protester without warning. 

Sanders went on to point out that the same protester even said next time they may have to kill the man...yet despite, this is the man Trump would like to pay the legal fees of.

Furthermore, Trump wants to claim comments like these do not promote violence.

Secretary Clinton called what Trump has been doing political arson. She feels his bigotry against women, muslims, and mexico to be shameful. 

These are just some examples of Trump bashing going on last night.

Rather than attacking their democratic competitor, the two candidates displayed how they would go after the Republican candidate...if Trump is to win..and if they win the nominee of the Democratic party.

The timing could not be anymore crucial as Super Tuesday III kicks off tommorrow. 

Whomever made the best argument vs. Trump Sunday , will see that reflected in the votes Tuesday. A key day for  both Republicans and Democrats, as the states up for grabs are known to decide elections.