Democratic Debate

Democratic Debate

Fight for New York

The event to end CNN's week of candidate reviews is now over. Last night Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders squared off in Brooklyn in a debate a month in the making.

The fight for New York ,and upcoming PA primary votes this Tuesday, had a noticeable difference. Candidates certainly were a bit more on the attack. Only, unlike their Republican counterparts, they did so in a more civilized fashion.

One of the biggest talking points came in the area of judgement and creditability. Bernie had recently questioned Clinton in this area after attacks on his campaign following difficulty answering questions on how to break up Wall St.

At the debate, Sanders said Clinton certainly does have the experience...but highlighted her judgement concerns in the areas of the Iraq war and many trade agreements like NAFTA.

Clinton pushed back by highlighting his interview in the Post where he was unable to outline that plan to break up Wall Street. She continued to bring up the fact throughout the night that anyone can have good plans, but it is how you enact those plans.

Sanders did not deny this Wall Street difficulty, and was adamant that breaking up these Multi-billion dollar banks and corrupt individuals certainly will not be easy. He went on to tie Clinton into these banks, as he has in the past. Asking for her to release her speeches to Wall Street, which paid her $200,000 plus multiple times.

Again, this is an area Clinton will not budge on and instead ask all candidate (Republicans alike) to release similar speeches. She then attacked back asking Sanders to release his tax returns..something you can go on her website to review.

Sanders quickly said he would release his 2014 returns, and the rest will follow as well. He laughed off the exchange and asked people not to be too surprised when they are available, as there is not much there. He explained how his wife does their taxes, and they have been a little busy.

He also said he would release his campaign's transcripts of speeches, which will be easy as they do not exsist. 

Several other talking points were debated including gun control, Israel relations, and trade. Many issues that need separate discussion. 

At the end of the night, it did not seem to be a huge win for either candidate. Both continued their same rhetoric...and neither really reached out to gain the votes of their trouble populations (Clinton and young voters and Bernie with older crowds and African Americans)

That being said, if people vote how they have been recently, Bernie could maybe see more wins Tuesday. These are two very big states up for grabs, and Sanders victories in these swing-type states could begin the process of gaining him super delegates. A change that would turn around this race entirely. 

Stay tuned Tuesday to see if that will be the case, or if Clinton will begin to officially wrap things up...despite win after win for Sanders.