Cuban Relations

Cuban Relations

President touches down in Cuba

President Barack Obama has just landed in Cuba recently.

Yes...US Cuba.

Boy how things have changed...or not o much.

1950's era US muscle cars still purr on the island. They are everywhere, and  in many cases in  Mint condition. Besides state approved vehicles like Russian brand KIAS...these are the only other cars aloud to be about Cuba.

Unlike these staple cars, and their everlasting presence, US presence has been afar.

Perhaps this is the President's last big push before leaving office. President Obama's last push is an important one and a tall task. Showing that US relations can reach out to foes that they have not supported in more than half of a century.

The President said on his trip that the embargo against Cuba would be lifted...when, who knows, but an important step. 

President Obama clearly wanted to show to not just the Us, but perhaps the world, that peace could be restored. For example, maybe Israel and Palestinian relations could take heed. Perhaps they could follow in these footsteps. 

Of republicans, i could only recall the Donald saying he would try...TRY and make one of the biggest deals in history...restoring the two countries. Besides freedom of speech (political correctness), this is the only other area i could agree with the GOP front-runner. 

Not too long ago Cuba and US relations would have been viewed in polor similiarities of that with Iran and Palestine .

Hard to say the Donald and President Obama could have some similiar thinking, but ultimately the world is becoming more and more of a melting pot

Now now...Mr. trump is trying to make sure some of the pots ingredients are not melting together, but he also shows he may want to reunite different classes,cultures, and sides of the aisle at times also. 

Besides drawing this comparison, the biggest thing to take from Cuba is that trade could be benefitted by the US with Cuba. They are just 90 miles from the Florida Keys, and it could be a good source of income for both nations.

Conditions must improve in Cuba for the citizens if this is to really become a reality though, but this is the first step in the process. A process that hopefully Isreal and Palestine will take something from. 

East and West Berlin did...Cuba and the US...NEXT?