Could It Be that Justice Roberts was Right? Part III

Could It Be that Justice Roberts was Right? Part III

It was inappropriate for President Obama to directly criticize the Supreme Court at the State of the Union Address.  Understandably, the point was to say that he would be working with Congress to insure that elections don’t end up going directly to corporations that directly fund them (i.e. we’ll keep doing it the lobbyist way).  But the forum for such an admonishment probably isn’t the State of the Union Address.  I have no problem with what he said, because it’s his opinion, which he is entitled to, as a human.

That being said, I also understand Justice Thomas and Roberts’ frustrations.  As a Supreme Court Justice, you basically have to pretend like anything anyone says could one day be a court case that you will have to decide upon.  You can never state your opinion about anything, unless it’s whether or not you think Tide (with Bleach) really gets those grass stains out like that housewife says on the commercial.  The point of the Supreme Court is that it is supposed to be truly non-partisan.  And for the most part, it actually is.

The notion that there are “liberal” and “conservative” members of the Supreme Court is naïve and reductive.  Although to most citizens it would appear as though there was a political slope to the high court, they are split along interpretational lines, rather than traditional political lines.  As much as I despise Justice Scalia, the guy is right more often that I will be for most of the rest of my life about things that really matter to the fabric of our society.  In general, I’ll trust that he’s wise enough not to spend his time trying to get his own personal agenda made into law.  But he still sucks.

What’s laughable about this whole story is that, at this point, it doesn’t matter.  Nothing is going to get done for the next 700 years in the United States (unless there’s some serious dyin’ goin’ on), because half of the people in this country think that things should be one way, and the other half is always motherfucking wrong about everything, always.  We are so split over social issues and so uneducated about the inner-workings of our government and our society, that there is no way for progress to be made.  For Christ’s sake, Liz Cheney just ran an ad that basically said that lawyers who defended terrorists aren’t patriotic.  Even though that’s the job of a lawyer and our Constitution guarantees that everyone should be granted access to a lawyer, politics play a more important role in the shaping of reality than, well, reality.

The fears (or hopes) that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, or that one day guns will be made illegal, or that the government can listen to everything you do all the time, without a warrant, because 9/11 + the Patriot act = you have no rights, or any of that other fanciful masochist dreamery needs desperately to be swept aside.  People need to start thinking for themselves instead of going to the fucking television and Internet blogospherical noise machine to receive their daily supplement of talking points to disseminate to the masses upon leaving their domiciles.  And we really need to pass legislation making it illegal to run a campaign more than four months out in front of an election.  Violators of such a law will suffer the pain of never being allowed to run for office for the rest of their miserable existence.  Seriously, people are already talking about the 2012 Presidential Election.  As if it’s tomorrow.  Seriously, people are doing this.  For once, I’m with you J.R.  You still suck though.