Could A BP Type Oil Disaster Hadden Again?

Could A BP Type Oil Disaster Hadden Again?

Well, could a BP type oil disaster happen again? Yes, it could. The presidential commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, also known as the BP Gulf oil spill, has released a preview of its final report, warning that a similar disaster could / might / probably will happen, unless the energy industry changes its ways, and unless reforms are put into place.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the commission blames a "failure of management" for what happened, and that BP, to save time and money, made decisions which resulted in the spill, stated that the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig provider, BP and other companies were responsible for a series of "missteps and oversights."

Well, we shall see what reforms are made. Since the last election, the government has been moving closer to the embrace of business, and to serving the interests of business. And further away from their duty to protect the health, safety and life of ordinary citizens?

Well, one must wait and see if there will be reform, and whether the 'reforms' will be backed up with strong regulations and enforcement.

Last night on the PBS News Hour Ray Suarez discussed with Joel Achenbach of The Washington Post the Commission findings. See the video.