Conservatives who think slavery is frickin’ awesome

Conservatives who think slavery is frickin’ awesome

Yeah, I wouldn’t vote for these people.

I’ve written before about conservatives who praise slavery, but lately it seems like they’re just coming out of the woodwork! Do you think it has anything to do with, I don’t know, the fact that our president is black and that a whole lot of people are sickeningly not okay with that?

Me, too.

So here’s your handy dandy list of conservatives who not only think that slavery was just the best thing since Country Kitchen, but also deserve to hear from you about their comments.

  • Representative Jon Hubbard, who thinks that slavery was “a blessing in disguise” because it allowed black people to come to America. Yes, being raped, murdered, tortured, forced to work for free and sold like a piece of property is soooo the American dream, Jon!
  • Congressman Trent Franks thinks that today’s policies are worse on black people than slavery was. I guess because voting and owning your own property and being able to marry whoever you want and not having your children sold from you and not being worried about being hanged from a tree for looking at someone the wrong way is such a burden, and it was so much easier when your owner just made those kinds of choice for you?
  • Pat Buchanan may not be on a ticket right now, but his comments about how slavery led black people to become prosperous Christians. Forget the facts about how many black people unjustly serve time in prisons (or are murdered in them, like Troy Davis), fall below the poverty rate, and that none chose to come to America but were kidnapped and forced here as slaves, right Pat?

Look, I am always trying to understand my white privilege, learn from it, and teach my daughter about it as she gets older; it’s not something to be denied. Yet these people take it to an extreme! Are they that much in denial, I wonder, or do they really delude themselves about not only what a fair country we live in—or that, as Art Robinson said, slaves in America were so damn happy and likely happier than any “laborers” in Europe?

These people disgust me and I’m embarrassed to have so many of them in prominent positions or even running the country. I’m just as embarrassed when a friend of a relative on Facebook comments that I am a “Muslim lover” because I’m voting for President Obama again—not for loving Muslims, but because she’s just as stupid as these conservative talking heads who drink from the same purple kool-aid trough of privilege and, ultimately, hate.