Click on your cause

Click on your cause

Scan the following action alerts and take action for the ones you care about.

Whether it’s the environment or human rights or body image, chances are there’s a cause in this list that you care about. Check them out and see if you can help today.

Costume Swap Day

Here’s an easy action to help you save money as well as prevent wasting materials and packaging: participate in National Costume Swap Day. On October 13, activists and simple trick-or-treaters will be swapping their Halloween costumes to get brand new ones for free—and without supporting sweatshops. You can participate in this holiday yourself by scheduling a similar event with your church, work, playgroup, or other associations.

Give to Amnesty International

If you’re going to donate to a group this upcoming holiday season, you can’t go wrong with Amnesty International. The group fights for human rights across the globe every day, and that fight is one we unfortunately have to keep sustaining. Just this past Tuesday, the Taliban shot and nearly killed a 14-year-old girl because she promoted education for girls. Malala Yousufzai remains in critical condition as Amnesty fights to keep her and others safe. You can contribute to their efforts or learn more by clicking here.

Participate in Love Your Body Day

Love Your Body Day is October 17 and it presents a perfect time for us all to love ourselves just as we are, warts and all! You can participate in so many ways. One way is to take the Love Your Body survey here and vote on the best and worst representations of self image in our culture.

Stand Up for Human Rights in Guatemala

On October 4, eight peaceful protestors were killed and over 35 were wounded when Guatemalan military members and police shot at them randomly. These protestors simply asked for education reform, less costly electricity bills, and the de-militarization of their society. For their requests, they were murdered. Click here to demand justice for these victims and to denounce their murder as a brutal needless atrocity.

Take Action with the Rainforest Site

The Rainforest Site has several actions we can take for the environment together today. Click here to help save the Patagonia, here to ask the Department of Transportation to go green, here to ask the National Park Service to break ties with the big polluter Coca-Cola, and here to stand up against fracking. You can also click here to ask President Obama to stop it with all of the pro-coal talk when what we need right now is sustainable energy policies!