Click and stand up for animals

Click and stand up for animals

Ask for elephant bans in circuses, protest fur and more.

Whether you just love your companion animal like a member of the family or you’re a die-hard animal rights activist who doesn’t even eat honey, you might want to take action for animals today on the following issues. Check them out and add your voice to the campaigns you support.

Tell Circus World: No more elephants!

It’s always been the elephants in circuses that kill the appeal for me. I don’t support making any animal unnaturally act for entertainment, but elephants in particular are such huge, loving, family-oriented creatures who need their space, and both their captivity and their cruel treatment have always broken my heart when it comes to circuses. Wisconsin’s Circus World has been adding insult to injury, violating Department of Agriculture laws with their treatment of elephants and partnering with other circuses who do the same. Click here to tell them not to use elephants in their acts anymore, especially if they can’t even respect laws regarding such performances.

While you’re at it, please take a moment to read this information about elephants used in circuses in Los Angeles and add your voice to their opposition as well.

Save greyhounds From abandonment and abuse

Did you know that in Spain, greyhound dogs are used during hunting season, then discarded on the street like a piece of trash when hunters are through with them? The dogs are then left to starve and fend for themselves, which is heartbreaking. Please click here to ask that the dogs be given much better treatment and that laws against this deplorable behavior be made and enforced.

Save Nemo and other reef animals

As our ocean temperatures rise, the homes of these animals and their very lives are in jeopardy due to acidification. This process kills the reefs themselves, leaving clownfish and countless other animals homeless—not to mention dulling their senses so badly that they cannot escape from predators. Click here to ask that the clownfish be added to the endangered species list in order to help protect its habitat and further encourage efforts to curtail global warming.

Tell bebe: No More Fur!

Many people have stopped wearing or supporting fur altogether, but some people—like the company bebe—just don’t get it. While some fur proponents envision a very organic use of animal skins during a process in which every part of the animal is humanely harvested a la Avatar, this simply isn’t the case. Animals raised on fur factories spend their lives cramped up in cages inhumanely suffering so someone can just kill them for their very skin in the name of fashion. If that idea doesn’t make you sick, I’m not sure what will. Click here to tell bebe to stop using fur.