The CIA to Libya

The CIA to Libya

And so the American intervention into Libya has taken the predictable step. The CIA has gone in. Reportedly, small teams of CIA operatives are in Libya, to help speed Colonel Gadhafi's retirement. The President of the United States has acknowledged the reality of this contest with the Colonel. The Associated Press is reporting that President Obama is assessing "all types of assistance" for the Libyan rebels. He needs them now as much as they need him to sell Mr. Gadhafi on the benefits of retirement. See the video.

There used to be a time when everybody knew the CIA had entered a playground and no body spoke publicly about it. Those were pre-Internet days, when wars could go on for months, years, and nobody, other than the people who got shot at, noticed them. When the first letter in CIA stood for "covert." Now it stands for "c" tube or something, like in -- 'See us, on your lap top, gang. We are operating.'

In the old days, the CIA would have invented the rebellion, and got the rebels out of an Arab stock company. Now-a-days, the Internet creates rebellions, and the CIA has to play catch up to see if it wants to go along.

Before Facebook, Twitter and Google, I would have said, the CIA probably caused this mess in Libya, in the first place, to embarrass President Obama and force him- in macho speak- to take off his pink tutu and to put on John Wayne's jock strap. Or something like that.

IMHO, these troubles in the Middle East are Middle Eastern-born. Gadhafi was the new Gadhafi, he made up with the West, went kissy talk, with former President George W. Bush.

Gadhafi was selling the West oil. His second son and heir was learning West speak. They both were making nice. Then along came that democracy bug and bit a few people who took to the streets. And the new Gadhafi was the old Gdahafi again. He shot down people wholesale. His Western friends remembered why they didn't like the old Gadhafi, and so things have come to the point where they are.