The CEO that America Needs

The CEO that America Needs

There are eight qualities that a leader should possess.

A leader has a different way of looking at how to run a company and manage teams. I researched some successful CEOs and came up with some desirable qualities.

  1. Diversity rules

The diversity that America has is definitely a strong factor in the country’s success. It is the case in the business world too where the most diverse firm is the one that will withstand the problems and thrive. There are so many advantages because diverse individuals can respond better to change and make important partnerships.


  1. A country has individuals with their own aspirations all linked to a higher purpose

Sometimes sticking by the rules and rigidity is not the best way to go about a situation. Being able to get people to help each other and the community requires some creativity and empathy towards the dreams of individuals that extraordinary businesses have.


  1. Control is not always the best thing

It is nice to have control, but being able to really allow employees to make decisions and take some of the day-to-day matters into their own hands can do wonders for a firm and a country as a whole.


  1. Treating employees with respect

If excellence is respected at all levels, I have a strong feeling from my understanding of human nature that employees will try harder and create more value for an organization.

  1. How to motivate people

Rather than using the stick approach by trying to take away privileges, etc from employees, bosses should try the approach of making employees feel like they will get a better future through their contributions.


  1. Change is good

Change always brings about pain and human nature is usually against change. But the difference between an average boss and an extraordinary boss is the ability to embrace new ideas and other innovations.


  1. How to integrate technology

Technology should be used to empower employees so that they can then be more innovative and save time doing everyday tasks. Any improvements in the technological capital of a country is always going to increase its productivity.


  1. Effort should be made to put individuals in jobs they enjoy

If the labor force is enjoying what they do, it is going to really help America move forward!