BP's Political Appointment

BP's Political Appointment

BP -- "Get A Southern Yank In There?!"

His name is Robert Dudley. He is a Yank. He grew up in the yank state of Mississippi, so he can speak the local peasant lingo. What better way to put one over the yanks than to put one of their chaps out front and tell everybody that, "He's the boss." A yank running BP, what could be funnier?

Brilliant! Something the late great Benny Hill may have thought of in a comedy skit. Give Tony his life back, a better job, with no yanks around who want to tar and feather him, daily. Give Tony several million pounds, -- and get this Yank and toss him to the lions.

Reports the Associated Press --"Bob Dudley's sudden rise to the top at BP PLC shows how the Gulf oil spill has dramatically changed the fortunes of people from local fishermen to corporate executives.Seen as an unlikely candidate just a few months ago, Dudley is set to become the first American to lead the oil giant in its century long history. Dudley will become CEO on Oct. 1 and try to salvage the company's reputation and investments in the United States."

Mr. Dudley is currently BP's man in the Gulf running the corking of the well and the cleanup. He speaks better the language of the U.S.. Congress.