Blue Team Go!

Blue Team Go!

Take some progressive action with your coffee.

Here are some super easy ways to help causes you care about today. Just click and sign your name to the ones that you are interested in.

Call this hospital

Stories like this one are the very reason why we cannot allow people to continue discriminating against anyone, period. Paul Zilber was banned from his boyfriend’s hospital room when the nurses there discovered he was not a “friend” but a partner. After he kissed his boyfriend goodbye, he was placed on a “banned visitors” list. This is simply unacceptable. Please call the Saint Barnabas Behavioral Health Center and tell them that you do not support their actions.

Ask planes to cut their impact

Did you know that aviation is one of the largest causes of global warming? The European Union recently started mandating that airlines cut their pollution output and you’d think we could do the same—but as with any environmental legislation, the US isn’t budging on this one. Maybe it’s because our government is so intent upon maintaining this image of our personal freedoms; maybe it’s because we treat businesses like gods. Either way, we’ve got to stop with this attitude and start somewhere. Why not here? Ask the government to take on these regulations in the U.S., too.

Stop ban on abortion

DC pundits are trying to make obtaining an abortion after 20 weeks illegal. Many hospitals refuse to treat premature birth before 24 weeks, so why have the ban at 20? Many women discover horrifying news at this time in their pregnancies as well, from stillborn fetuses to illnesses that will only result in painful death. A ban like this would force women to seek out an abortion elsewhere, perhaps by dangerous and illegal means that could also result in death. Stand up for women and click here to tell the House to vote no on this ban.

Help protect animals

The newest incarnation of the Farm Bill has several problems, one of which is that it could support the maltreatment of animals. It would allow the passing of banned animals—such as endangered meat, veal, or foie gras—from states that do not ban them into states that do. This makes no sense, since their sale should not be legal in the first place—but it also helps promote cruelty that should be banned nationwide in the first place. Click here if you’d like to see this bill modified to exclude this mandate.