Blue State Blues

Blue State Blues

Even if you live in a red state, you can still act on these important issues.

In fact, if you live in a red state like I do, it’s even more important that you make your voice heard and fight for these progressive actions! If any of these topical items appeal to you, be sure to click on the easy take-action link provided and make your voice heard.

Help Keep the Chick-Fil-A Pressure Going

The Muppets have severed ties with Chick-Fil-A after finding out about the company’s commitment to oppressing gay people, and now all hell is breaking loose as people start to realize what this company is really about. Let’s keep the momentum going and ask other sponsors of the company to break ties with them, too! Right now there is a campaign to get the Berenstain Bears, another childhood favorite of mine, to not pair up with the homophobic company, since they are scheduled to become the fast food chain’s next partner. Click here to find out more and to ask the beloved book series to refrain from getting involved with a company that hates families like this one.

Just Say No to the Keystone Pipeline

Not only is our own already fragile environment at risk if the Keystone Pipeline compromise goes through—animals like the swift fox will also lose their habitat and die, putting more blood on our hands. Click here to voice your opposition to the use of the pipeline.

End Our Rape Culture

There’s not a link for this one; I just want to ensure that progressives are working on this issue as well as so many others by demanding that rape not be made fun of, that rapists are blamed for their crimes rather than victims, and survivors are not further victimized after their attacks. So no more rape jokes, no more attacking video female game bloggers, no more wishing rape on other people.

Attend a Nonprofit Voter Registration Seminar

If you work for a nonprofit organization, chances are you’re going to have some interests in the upcoming election. You may even want to register voters or help people become informed about how to register or how to vote. Take the Nonprofit Vote 2012 Seminar to find out all you need to know during your registration process. It’s free; just RSVP here.

Leave Some Water Out for the Animals

This summer it’s been such a scorcher that we’ve simply stopped our whole “no water outside” rule to deter mosquitos in favor of a “keep some water in the wading pool” rule to help provide water for local wildlife and stray animals in our neighborhood. We have seen a raccoon and a stray cat (whom we tried to trap, to no avail) drinking out of our little pool and I hope that it’s keeping them hydrated. Why not leave a little bowl of water or two outside for the animals today?