Blue blood action

Blue blood action

For Team Donkey, that is!

Whether you’re living in a blue state or not, if you’re a Dem, these news stories and action items might be of interest to you. If so, please consider taking action—it only takes a minute!

Tell Akin a thing or two

You probably know about Todd Akin’s “legitimate” rape comment already, but have you told Mr. Akin what his careless words mean to you? Click here to send him a message. And while you’re at it, call on the GOP presidential nominees to denounce these attacks on women and remove them from their entire platform. We’re pretty sick of being referred to as farm animals and it’s about time the political climate reflects that.Ban jumps racing

Did you know that six horses have died this year alone from jumps racing? It was news to me, too. Jockey Jack was the latest in this streak of murdered horses. He injured his fetlock and was killed after his race was finished—yet the report claimed that he died and was not killed at all. Find out more information about these horses and take action against jumps racing here.

Ask Chipotle to sign Fair Food Agreement

Remember the big Taco Bell strike we had about nine years ago, when many of us refused to eat there until they paid their tomato pickers fairly? I remember because it was one of my first campaigns as a college student—and as a student, it was also one of the few places I could eat vegetarian and cheaply, so it was even more difficult! Today Chipotle is doing the same thing Taco Bell did, refusing to sign on to an agreement to ensure tomato pickers are paid fairly. We made Taco Bell change their minds; we can change the minds of Chipotle too.  Click here to find out more and to send Chipotle your message.

Say no to new jeans

Find out about how our constant spending—particularly the buying of clothing—is contributing to the increased destruction of the planet from waste, pesticides, and more. That doesn’t even include the sweatshop labor used to make many of the clothing products we buy. Then maybe you’ll want to vow to buy less clothing—or to even swap clothes with friends, start buying from resale shops and simply take care of the clothing you currently own and increase its life span by patching holes and washing only when you need to.