Birth Control Recall

Birth Control Recall

Attention women who use birth control: there has been a recent birth control recall from the company Qualitest. If you use the brands Cyclafem, Emoquette, Gildess, Orsythia, Previfem, Tri-Previfem, your birth control may be affected. To find out if you’re affected, to report problems, or to return your prescription, you can call 1-877-300-6153.

It’s a voluntary recall due to the packaging, so your health shouldn’t be in danger; still, if you have questions or you’re worried, go ahead and give them a call to make sure you can use your meds. There are some concerns about the placebo pill week being inserted where active pills should have been, so you might want to back up your birth control with another contraceptive, such as a condom, for a little while.

Some expiration dates were also blocked because of the error, so you might want to call about that, too, just to make sure your pills aren’t expired. Of course, if you just purchased them, they probably aren’t about to expire; still, if you want to call for peace of mind, it’s free to do.

Because of the packaging error, your dosage dates may be wrong, so be sure to check your package. I think most women are smart enough to know if they take their pill every day—I know I’ve written in new dates with a fine-tipped permanent marker before, when the dates didn’t match. I don’t know about these brands in particular, but my pills also come with stickers you can use to change the date, too.

I remember receiving a packet of inactive pills back in high school and throwing a fit when I received a call about them! My sister told me that she had a pack of pills recalled last year as well. I know people blame women for not taking their pills every day for unplanned pregnancies sometimes, but in fact there can be medical errors like these that are to blame as well. It’s just another way that unplanned pregnancies can happen even when we’re being careful—and another reason why we need to be able to have every option available open for us, just in case. It’s also another reason to cite for why we need better, more reliable birth control.

For more information, click the link above; I would definitely call the number just to be sure your pills are not expired and okay to take (or to possibly have them replaced).