Bigotry Does Harm To Democracy And To Public Safety

Bigotry Does Harm To Democracy And To Public Safety

The GOP Witch Hunt

GOP Congressman Peter King and his House Homeland Security committee hearings on the radicalization of Muslims within the United States should remind folks of the harm that bigotry does to democracy and to public safety. Critics are saying that the hearings help the terrorists and in doing so, King has set a dangerous precedent.

America is the target al-Qaeda, who is trying to recruit young American Muslims. Congressman King and the Muslim bashing majority of GOP'ers, and their allies in the right wing media, instead of joining in a smart and effective fight against al-Qaeda, are aiding them instead. But how? By their anti-American deeds, their bigotry, their constant crusade to demonize other Americans, in this case Muslims, with the hope to drive Americans who are Muslims from America.

Right-wingers like Peter King are doing more to "radicalize" ordinary Muslims than al-Qaeda ever could.

Last night, the PBS News Hour took a look at what they called the "controversial" hearings. News Hour highlighted the truth-telling testimony of America's first and only Muslim member of Congress, who pleaded not to demonize Americans who are members of a different religious group. News Hour also highlighted the testimony of a Los Angeles county sheriff, who testified that not only are American Muslims a diverse group, like all Americans, but that they cooperate with local law enforcement.

Also highlighted on the News Hour was the testimony of a Muslim community leader who testified, in so many words, that yes, there are problems, there are some, a very few, who have fallen for line of the radicals. Like in the case of the father who lost his son to an al-Qaeda inspired-group, but it is unfair, wrong and self-defeating for Americans to demonize the many, for the misdeeds of the very few. See the video.

Cenk, of The Young Turks, who is Turkish-American comes from a Muslim background, but has said on many occasions that he is not a Muslim, has stated that Peter King and his hearings are a witch hunt, and un-American. Mr. King and his politically driven boys want to go after all Muslims, and that is wrong, and not only is it wrong and makes no sense from a public safety point of view. Last night on his show he said that America should be investigating all radicals. He pointed out that since 9/11 there have been almost twice as many terror plots from non-Muslims than from Muslims. See the video.

Any one who has his head on straight opposes extremism, whether it is Muslim extremism, Christian extremism or right-wing extremism. But a hearing targeting all Muslims, all Christians, all right-wingers for the violent acts of a few, again, would make no sense.