The Big Questions

The Big Questions

There have been many books on the big questions of life to educate yourself

As a free market voter, I think the best way to approach voting in the upcoming presidential election is by focusing on the big questions and how you think each candidate stands on these big questions. I know you probably think your vote doesn't matter and voting itself is such a waste of time. But if you look at the big picture, you will see how important it all will be.

As an American, I feel it is your responsibility to see how the decisions of the most powerful man in the planet impact the world at large. I have always had a firm belief in ending poverty and ensuring that every individual on this planet has purposeful life that will advance mankind to unprecedented levels. 

I am an optimist because I believe that the more time and money that is put into science and technology will lead to breakthroughs and higher productivity levels that will lead to higher standards of living here in the United States.

From my point of view, there is no real use of voting for a candidate for the smaller issues because it really does not matter who is President. What I am trying to say is that presidential politics do not influence my day-to-day life and this is probably true of most middle class citizens. So it is better to focus on the big questions and how a future President's policies will help solve this. When I say the big questions, I mean the real big ones like alien life, questions that have yet to be solved by mathematics and physics.