Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump

Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump

The neurosurgeon has spoken!

Ben Carson, a man almost as loony as Donald Trump, has endorsed Donald Trump. Does anyone care? Only in so far as Trump seems to be struggling with getting endorsements from sane people. Much less Republican sane people. Does Ben Carson count as a sane person? Depends on who you ask, I guess.

Carson, just one week after ending his own campaign, reportedly endorsed Trump in order to spite Marco Rubio. Carson went on to vouch for Trump's character, asserting that while the man may be a brash idiot in public, in private, Trump is a "cerebral man who sits there and considers things very carefully."

Of course, the GOP was never very happy with Ben Carson in the first place. I am certain they will throw the full weight of their disapproval at Ben Carson for crossing their imaginary picket line to back Trump. And I am certain that he won't care, and it won't change his life one single bit.

Famed neurosurgeon, Creationist, climate change denier, Seventh Day Adventist, conspiracy theorist, MLM promoter, and noted fibber Ben Carson sails on blithely into the sunset.