Beck Mocks Obama’s Daughter

Beck Mocks Obama’s Daughter

Glen Beck is a douche. I’d like to think most of us have established that, but I’ve unfortunately seen that many acquaintances are still fans of this hate-spewing host (along with his cohorts, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, and others). I’ve never understood the appeal; to me, it’s like people lining up to listen to the “wisdom” of skinheads or Hitler or doomsday cults; I’m not saying that these hosts are as bad as these people—though, if they are inciting as much hate as these people did, they are still inflicting much damage—but I am saying that those who actually listen to the sheer loathing coming from their mouths are either racist, brainwashed, or simply extremely susceptible to hate talk.

Back to Beck. We all know how much he hates it when the children of politicians are brought into the spotlight, right? Over and over again, he’s told the media in general to leave families of politicians alone. That’s one respectable thing coming from the man that I’m shocked to admit I agree with; children shouldn’t be brought into the political ring. I always felt so bad for Chelsea Clinton, and even the Bush twins as much as I couldn’t stand their father.

But Beck is apparently selective in his call to action, as he’s been openly mocking 11-year-old Malia Obama during his radio program.

Malia, in typical 11-year-old fashion, has taken an interest in her father’s work as well as the environment. That’s a positive thing in the minds of rational people; kids are usually the most idealistic among us, and it’s from their minds—not the minds of old cronies who cause problems to begin with—that we’re ultimately going to glean solutions for our largest problems. And, like most children, she asked her father a legitimate question in an 11-year-old way. In a press conference, the president said that she asked him if he’d “plugged up the hole yet,” referring, of course, to the BP oil spill that’s been raging across the gulf coast for over a month now.

Miss Obama’s comment portrayed her as an intelligent, caring girl. She knows that her father is in charge and should do something about this spill, she knows that it’s happening to begin with (which may not be the case for many children her age), and, unlike many adults—particularly those from BP as well as several talking heads who claim it isn’t a big deal—she seems to actually care about it, too. There was nothing wrong with the girl’s comment.

Glen Beck, of course, in his typical classy way, openly mocked her on the radio, insulting her intelligence, insinuating that her father “hates black people,” and actually commenting negatively on the level of her education. (The transcript and radio broadcast can be seen/heard here.)

Shame on you, Glen Beck. Even as below the belt as you normally hit, this one was pretty damn inappropriate, offensive, and hateful. You should issue an apology to that bright little girl and keep your mouth shut in the future when it comes to children (not to mention the hundreds of other subjects you prove to know absolutely nothing about). Do something accountable for once and follow your own advice—leave politicians’ families alone.