Bathroom Bailout

Bathroom Bailout

Feds give guidance on bathroom rights

The Obama Administration has spoken. There will be no discrimination in public schools in regards to bathroom rights. The North Carolina decision to ban anyone from using a bathroom not assigned to their birth gender will not be tolerated.

The administration has submitted their "guidance" on the topic, but included threats to lose federal funding if not followed. The administration exerts that this ruling should fall under section 9, which protects gender against discrimination. 

Many others claim this is a stretch and the administration is basically bribing and\or blackmailing schools to do what they want...OR ELSE!

Now I have spoken on North Carolina's decision in relation to some (mainly republican) opinions on the issue...

For example, I wrote here on about this bathroom issue. At the time I expressed how Ted Cruz view was greatly exaggerated and unintelligent. He feels ,and stands by his decision, that this would lead to more sexually related bathroom crimes. Yet it is not like bathrooms are guarded or use surveillance.

However, I must say the administration's stance and threats of funding cuts are just as misguided. A middle ground must be reached. 

It is too much to say overnight....make all bathrooms LGBT gender neutral. It is also much to say those sentiments Cruz is adhering to... or to deny an individual whom is clearly self identifying with the other sex these rights

The easiest way would be to just make all bathrooms single use...this would also be the safest way...and why not? It is one thing to be say at a 20-70,000 seat stadium that multi-stall restrooms are needed. Are they really needed at a grade school with no rotating class schedule, or even a high school with 7 different classroom changes?

I would argue no. In fact, in many early grade classrooms pre k, kindergarten, and even first grades...the restroom is right in the classroom. One facility per class. 

Perhaps it will be costly to make the switch, but probably not as costly as keeping the issue locked up in court hearing after court hearing in appeal after appeal. 

It is time we think smarter and not harder on this issue. Never has the right to pee and poop been more scrutinized.