Batboy probably "came from monkeys" too

Batboy probably "came from monkeys" too

Monday October 13, 2008

5:52 PM

Dear Diary,

Disappointing news—John asked for plastic surgeon’s number for Joe Lieberman, not for self. Went on and on about how Joe L. could use face lift. Told him that somebody should look in mirror but don’t think he heard me, as J has not remembered to wear hearing aid much lately. Uncertain if this due to actual memory lapses or to avoid hearing what campaign manager tells him about current polls.

Phone ringing—it’s Meghan!

Oh goodness, spent greater part of hour talking Meghan down. M convinced is being stalked by mutant half-human creature “Bat Boy” after seeing article on Weekly World News. Apparently she began reading said publication in part of attempt to “become better informed on international happenings”. Gently explained M should stick to publications like The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Cosmo for accurate and impartial reporting. Meghan cheered considerably by my suspicion Bat Boy, like evolution, may not actually be real.