Band-Aids For Bullet Wounds

Band-Aids For Bullet Wounds

Reform Is Not Enough

If environmental sustainability is what you want, reforms and half-measures amount to nothing more or less than putting band-aids on bullet wounds. In a world where people think they need to live in massive, cheap McMansions and drive gas-guzzling SUVs to jobs located an hour or more away so they can earn enough money to buy a jacuzzi or a TV the size of a movie screen, what does it really matter if they also recycle?

The world is being poisoned, blown up and stripped of life because we all want to live lives of decadent luxury and there just isn't enough to go around. Meanwhile, as those who buy into the big lie scrabble and claw at each other to reach the top and get all those shiny, destructive toys, more and more people have nowhere to live at all, not enough to eat, and no prospect of improvement.


We can't maintain the kind of lifestyle people associate with the American Dream and simultaneously create a sustainable, environmentally responsible society. It can't be done, and we shouldn't be making it easier to postpone the hard decisions by pretending that it can.


The world economy depends on one thing- indefinite growth. Indefinite growth is simply not possible without infinite resources. Does anyone really believe we have infinite resources?


Sanity- a return to sanity- must begin with the rejection of materialism, the rejection of the entire worldview of “more is better,” the rejection of the profit principle as the ruling principle of human behavior. What we need in its place is a human value system, a value system that put people first. Nothing less even stands a chance.